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PCF Soccer Camp Scholarships



A majority of the youth in the ‘interior’ of Panama are extremely poor and have next to ‘no’ resources to develop a decent life for themselves.

A large percentage of the youth grow up with single mothers and don’t have a father figure to teach them important life lessons on how to achieve, how to excel, how to properly interact with others.

The rural schools typically are granted an annual budget per student of $20!  That’s no typo!  $20 per year per student!!

That has to cover school building repairs, books, food, teachers, sanitation, supplies, etc. Let’s just say the schools don’t offer much of anything and thus the dropout rate is very, very high.

So here we are.  We’re here with thousands and thousands of kids, many who have: no father figure,  no economic resources, they live with a desperately poor mother who needs help herself.

They have little to no discipline, no organised activities offering leadership and mentoring, little to no positive school influence.  The need is obvious and a bit overwhelming.  What can we do?

PCF has a solution.  Find out now and download our PCF Camp Scholarship Program in the PDF document in the link below.





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