Youth at Risk

PCF works with the ‘at risk’ youth, living in poverty in the interior of Panama and now worldwide.  

This effort has involves;

    - Doing special programs in the local area schools (see our YouTube videos)
    - Providing coaching and mentoring through sports and sponsoring of soccer teams
    - Providing educational programs  
    - Reaching boys and girls in our soccer camps
    - Feeding the poor and providing mentoring, emotional support and bible study

Now, as of 2015, PCF is expanding internationally  to help reach the kids in your area!

Our programs are generating funds from around the world and we’d like to direct them to ‘at risk youth’ in your community.  We need leaders!   Are you willing to collaborate with us?  Let’s talk and see what we can accomplish!  

Please contact us

Could you make a recurring monthly contribution of $1 a day or $30 a month to help bring joy and support to those who need it the most?

Our donations coordinator is Alex Hay who will appear on your PayPal receipt! We look forward to working with you. Thanks so much for your help!