Panama has a passion for ‘futbol’! PCF has a passion for Panama. Therefore the equation is simple: PCF + Futbol = Panama! Or put another way, through sports of all kinds, we can reach the youth and give them support, guidance, discipline and an organised program which they can benefit from.
Crime is a serious problem in Panama and is growing. The simple fact is, that in the interior of Panama, there are few, if any, resources to give these kids something constructive to do! There is literally nothing for them to do other than get caught up in gangs and criminal activity. It’s a serious socio-economic problem. 
PCF is not going to change the situation. But, with whatever resources we can muster, we can build programs, teams, coaching, adult leadership and mentoring and get involved in the lives of the few kids we can touch and work with. We measure success not across the board, but one precious soul at a time. One by one.
PCF currently has full time coaches working with teams at several levels and age brackets. Our Futbol Club (FC) PCF is a well organised team which is responding very well to our instruction and guidance. FC PCF is registered in the national sports association PanDeportes.
We’ve had to dismiss three of our best players already this year because they could not conform to our code of conduct and value system. Our value system and ‘the team’ are more valuable than the ego of any single player with a bad attitude or conduct. This is one of many important messages our players are learning. Those dismissed players have been replaced and are now coming back asking for reinstatement with a little more humility and willingness to live by our values which we do not compromise for any player. Message received.
In addition to FC PCF, we hold an ongoing Soccer Camp for kids from ages 3 to 15 and are developing players and teams in the age groups of 15 and under and 13 and under.
This year we are initiating our SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM whereby we will arrange for living quarters, education, medical services, practice facilities, coaching and organised league play in one central ‘camp’. We will seek scholarship candidates who excel in school and in sports from the interior of Panama where resources and opportunities simply do not exist. We will bring in selected scholarship recipients to live in the camp 5 days a week where we will work with them for school and practice 24 hours a day. The scholarship will provide for transportation back home once a week to spend time with family.
We feel that this will be a tremendously important program which will shape the lives of all who participate. We need your help! Please consider being a monthly partner with us on this project.
We have several videos of our ‘futbol’ team on the PCF Panama YouTube channel. You might enjoy them! 
Will you help us? We realise not everyone has financial means to support. But you can help by joining our Facebook page and sharing our activity there. Help us spread the word with the people and groups you know. There is a lot you can do in addition to helping with finances. If you can however, support us with $25 a month or more, please do. Click Here