PCF Expands Youth Soccer Camps

PCF Escudo jpgPCF started its first Youth Soccer Camp for kids from ages 3 to 15 at the Equestrian Club in Coronado earlier this year.  It has grown nicely and, as word has gotten out about the quality of the program, demand has been coming in from various areas in the Chame District.   The result has been the addition of 3 new 'Escuelitas de Futbol'.  Now, in addition to the original Camp in Coronado, PCF is active in 'Coloncito' and 'Bejuco' with another one in San Carlos on the drawing board.  Participation varies, but they have an average of 25 kids in each and they are growing. 

In an 'amistoso' game with the 'escuelita' from the professional league team, San Francisco, on Sept. 27 we learned that the San Francisco club will no longer be continuing its support for the 80 youth camp kids and 4 youth league teams that it currently supports.  PCF is in discussions now to retain the 4 coaches involved and take over the program involving about 160 kids total which will add to the 100 kids we currently serve.  

This establishes a tremendous platform from which PCF can leverage its educational programs, feed talent to its league teams and continue to grow throughout Panama as the pre-eminent model for reaching kids and giving them some hope for the future with training in values, discipline and respect. 

We are seeking adult volunteers to work on steering comittees to help with the planning and execution of logistics for current and future activities.  Corporate and personal sponsors are also needed. Please ask about the benefits of our Corporate Partnership program.