Selecting projects to commit to is always a delicate proposition. The needs far exceed our capabilities as a singular organisation. This is why we continually seek to develop alliances and relationships with other groups. In the event that we are presented with worthy projects which exceed our own capabilities to manage (which is often the case), we can spearhead an effort to bring together resources and ‘know how’, from private companies and other groups such as foundations, mission groups and various other private sources and sometimes even government. Once the ‘know how’ and materials are available, then the ‘funding’ issue comes up. This is where we draw on the business experience of the PCF Executive Team to try and come up with sound, yet creative methods of generating the necessary capital to accomplish the goals. Your support is so important on this issue, not only in making a donation or contribution, but in helping us spread the word to others who are in a position to participate as well. 
As we try to grow and expand our capabilities, our fundamental effort in this regard is to establish a growing base of monthly supporters who can contribute $25, $50 $100 a month or more.

Perhaps you know business owners or executives who would consider participating in our CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP program to help us build this base, and make a real difference in peoples’ lives here.

We are all God’s children and God knows no borders! Help us spread the word! Below are some of the projects currently underway or coming soon!
La Cresta Church

PCF was the primary contributor to help Pastor Domingo build his new church in La Cresta, Panama which is just outside of Chame (near Playa Coronado). We helped provide the funds and manpower to lay the foundation, put up the frame and roof and give the fine people in La Cresta a new house of worship. See photos above.
Espave School Clean Up

The public school of Espave asked us to assist in a ‘clean up’ day. We just so happened to have a mission team of students visiting from the states. Our team spent the day paining, cleaning up, cooking lunch for all the kids, and doing some landscaping outside to plant a variety of flowers and bushes. The students of the school participated and everyone took great pride in their ‘new school’ when the beautification was complete!
Bejuco Sports Complex
The FC PCF practices and helps administer the sports complex in Bejuco. We routinely bring in specially prepared trash cans, bring in volunteers to pick up litter, keep the outdoor basketball court scrubbed down so it’s clean and a wide variety of maintenance duties.

Christmas Joy Campaign
Every year we start collecting clothes and toys for the poor families in the area and we bring those with us to our planned Christmas parties in the local schools. Last year we did 3 big events. One each in: Filipina, Manglarito and Rio Bajo in our area. Each of these schools is in a remote mountain area and are very, very poor.
Sports Scholarship Program
This year we are embarking on a very aggressive program to provide scholarships to poor kids in the interior of Panama. The scholarship will allow the selected student athletes to attend our camp facilities and live there for 5 days a week where they will get quality education, futbol practice, medical and all necessary services, plus play in a competitive league and be an example of the ‘PCF SEARCH FOR EXCELLENCE’ in our youth!

Handicapped Assistance
Sadly, we have had to turn down several requests to come to the aid of accident victims or victims of disease who are not able to go out and work. Given enough resources, we would like to teach these people how to use the internet to help develop and support the PCF programs where they could earn a living for themselves from home. We will need help to support this. 
Rainy Season Roofing Projects
If you don’t live in Panama, you would be shocked at the condition of many of the ‘homes’ people live in here. The rainy season brings some heavy rain and when it leaks into your home where you can’t keep things dry, well, think about how you would feel.

From experience, it would be a safe bet to say that nearly 20% of all homes in the rural areas have some serious problems when it comes to keeping out the rain. Usually, the roof is nothing more than corrugated zinc sheets nailed to a wood or concrete block structure. Many local people build their own homes as they can afford it, concrete block by concrete block, 1, 5, 10 at a time. Thus, professional building standards and code simply don’t exist for private housing in the rural areas.
We will need to develop a special fund for this activity. We have the contractors ready to give us special rate to do this kind of work.