God gave us all free will.  We can choose our own path and destiny in this world and in the next.  This is a very special gift.  Our first objective is to know HIM, invite HIM into our lives and follow the path of Jesus in full acceptance of his grace and forgiveness of our sins.  When we are obedient to HIS word, there is nothing that he won’t grant us through the power of the Holy Spirit.


In this plenitude of grace and blessings, in order to use our free will and independence to fulfill his design and plan for our lives, we must walk under HIS power and guidance free from all encumbrances of this world.  By this we mean to say that not only must we have the spirit of independence from the trappings of this world, but we must also have the means to free us from being tied to the yoke of a J.O.B. or to a superior to whom we rely on for our economic survival.


We have a responsibility to ourselves and to God to get off the treadmill of ‘survival’ in this corporate world which absorbs our lives and steals our energy which would otherwise be better used in service to our families, to ourselves and to the service of Father God - Yahweh himself.


If you represent a church, a company or other organization, you have a responsibility to do everything possible to empower your organization to accomplish its mission.


For this reason, PCF is actively involved in helping our collaborators, other individuals, companies and project managers create a level of economic independence for themselves, for their families, for their churches, projects and communities.  We can’t get into all the details here, right now, but we ask you to think about the following;


  • Does your church, community, school or company have any project which needs funding? 
  • Do you or your family have any financial needs such as debt relief or college for the kids?
  • Does your retirement fund need 'help' to take care of you for the next 20 or 30 years? 
  • Do you need to do something new to provide sufficient income for your family? 
  • Are you seeking more independence with an internet e-commerce business of your own? 

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, we need to talk.


PCF has several different opportunities in various capacities which are available and which may be suitable to help you accomplish your objectives. 


Send us an email explaining your situation and your needs.  We’ll arrange a convenient time to discuss some options and send you more information.  


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