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If you are committed to our cause there are many ways you can collaborate and contribute!

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2...You can share!  Share this web page on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media!  Maybe you know someone who needs help.  

Help us form alliances!  Talk to your pastor, boss, community leaders and introduce us! We'd like to know them and talk about our mutual interests.

4...Start a 'Pro-Life Rescue Team'!  Get some friends together and develop a strategy to help get the word out in your community!

Project Funding.  Who do you know who needs funding for something important? We have a special fundraising program !

6...Start your own home based internet business.  See our 'Internet Income' page.  Work with us.  Help yourself and help PCF in the process!

Seeking entrepreneurs:  potentially lucrative turn-key, e-commerce opportunity unique to PCF. Ask for the Business Plan.

8...Seeking marketing reps: Lucrative commissions available marketing our turn-key eCommerce Package.  Ask for Business Plan.

Shop Amazon!  Go to our Amazon affiliate page, save the link, shop online there whenever you can and use our link!

10...Make a recurring monthly donation to support these efforts and help provide us with a base of support!  

 You can support Life, Kids and Happy Families!   

If you or your organization have a pet project which needs funding, let us help you!  

We'd like to introduce you to a very special fundraising program that solves many problems in fundraising. 


100% of your donation is used to directly benefit the people we serve and these important programs!  PCF supports its admin from other business revenue.  It does NOT use your donations for admin. 


Amex / Discover / VISA / MC / Paypal  Fundraising coordinator ‘Alex Hay’ will appear on your receipt.



 Look at what we can do with your contribution!

$ 25 - Helps us reach 25-50 expecting mothers with pay-per-click internet advertising. This small amount can save lives! 

$ 50 - Provides blankets, milk, diapers and other supplies to a new mother taking her baby home!  One clinic in Panama sends many kids home with their poor mothers, wrapped in newspaper! 

$100 - Can help us provide some basic needs for a woman in crisis. 

$250 - Can make the difference in helping to support a newborn and her mother.

$500 - Can help with legal, logistical and/or admin expenses to facilitate an adoption.

Your recurring monthly contribution provides us with the stability of monthly support upon which we can budget our activities and grow!