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Mission Statement

Our purpose is simple: "To share the love and blessings of Jesus the Christ with those most in need." We strive to be examples of his perfect word and supreme commandment: "to love others as we love ourselves". Through this mission, we hope to bring HIS blessings and miracles to all who are willing to receive them. In the end, we pray that those we come into contact with will see the hope and joy that is in Yashua and in his gifts of love and salvation.

Our modus operandi is simple: We work hard to bring blessings to others. When others lives are blessed through our work, we give God all the praise and glory and hope to leave people better off for it. When PCF volunteers walk out the door, they leave behind more hope and faith in HIM as a result.  PCF is a ‘Foundation of Private Interest’. This has specific meaning in Panama, part of which precludes us from commercial activity. We are non-commercial, not for profit, completely private and non-governmental. PCF is NOT a church, we are NON-denominational and are not formally affiliated or supported in any way with any particular church. We do however, continually foster alliances and exchanges with various churches, missions, NGOs and groups of all types who share our mission and vision.

Our executive team shares a common faith and mission. We are trying to leverage several lifetimes of business experience and corporate development into the worthy projects you see here.


Panama is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It is a land of contrasts. Panama City is a glittering demonstration of modern wealth and progress. Yet in less than a 30 minute drive to the ‘interior’ living standards are so poor for the majority, foreigners have a hard time comprehending the life so many people have, with so very little.

The needs will always be so much greater than what we can solve. Therefore, we hope that, with your support, and growing support from others in the local, national and international community, we can continue to spread the blessings of God’s influence upon as many as possible throughout Panama and beyond.

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'Give so they can live'

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